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Received calls

Call volume

This year, more than 12,500 calls were received by the service, among the callers, approximately 6% were English-speakers. Between November 15, 1993 and March 31, 2015, a total of 188,643 persons called to request the services of Gambling: Help and Referral.‚Äč


Source of requests

In 2014-2015, 88% of callers have expressed their great preoccupation concerning their gambling habits: out of this proportion, 45% were women (39.5% of callers) and 55% men (49% of callers). It should be noted that the number of women concerned by their gambling habits have increased by 5% compared to last year. Among other callers, 6% were relatives of excessive gamblers (partners, brotherhood, parents, friends, etc.), more than 2% were from social field workers and nearly 3.5% were from school institutions, employers and media. Out of the total of calls received, nearly 94% were from adults, 5% from seniors and less than 1% from teenagers.


Type of inquiries

Requests can be divided in the following categories:

  • General information and needs on excessive gambling and GHR service: 46% of calls.
  • Related issues such as crisis and suicidal thoughts management, mental health, addiction or violence issues, need for legal services, budget consultation, shelters, etc.: 38% of calls.
  • Requests for rehabilitation services and self-help groups: 12% of calls.
  • Needs for listening and support: 4% of calls.

Types of gambling mentioned

Types of gaming that are often mentioned by callers are: video lottery terminals (59%) up this year; slot machines in casinos (more than 11%) also up this year; poker (7%); lotteries (6%) dropped by half compared to last year; and last but not least online games (7%) and electronic games (2%). Other types of gambling, including bingo, horse racing, sporting bets and some casino games stand for 8%.

Geographic origin of calls

This year, 46% of calls were from the Greater region of Montréal, a decline compared to past years, more than 13% were from the North Shore of Montréal, 13% from Montérégie, more than 9% from Capitale-Nationale, approximately 4% from the regions of Mauricie-and-Centre-du-Québec, Eastern Townships and Outaouais. Finally, nearly 7% of calls were from other regions in Québec.



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