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The team at Gambling: Help and Referral ensures a 24-hour service. To be able to do that, it is made up of 5 full-time counsellors, as well as, part-time counsellors that change shifts in order to be present 168 hours per week.

Empathy and discernment

Other than education and experience, the Gambling: Help and Referral counsellors possess a lot of empathy. This is a crucial element in meeting the needs of gamblers and their loved ones. As well, the counsellors must respond to a wide range of requests that are at times vague and that require quick solutions. They must therefore exercise good judgement and creativity in order to assess the needs of each caller and offer appropriate interventions.

Multi-faceted functions

The counsellors are supervised by the Gambling: Help and Referral coordinator. Their duties are as follows:

  • respond to the callers' requests and, if needed, establish direct communication with the organizations able to meet their needs;
  • train and supervise new employees and help them understand and share the Gambling: Help and Referral philosophy, respect the rules of ethics, procedures, enacted service standards and monitor the application of those;
  • for statistical purposes, compile the needs expressed during each call; 
  • participate in updating the database of organizations and support groups, as established in a plan by the coordinator;
  • transmit to the coordinator any relevant information that is received regarding new services or changes in organizations and support groups that are referred.

Wish to know more?

Please contact:
Hélène Hamel — coordinator
Telephone: (514) 527-1375
Fax: (514) 527-9712
E-mail: jar@info-reference.qc.ca


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