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You think you may have a gambling problem? You think a loved one may have a gambling problem? Because you have too much to lose, don't leave your life up to luck.
Give yourself a chance starting now: the Gambling: Help and Referral team is there to guide and help you.

You can communicate with us confidentially and anonymously. We will personally answer your e-mail within a maximum delay of 72 hours. 

We will answer via the e-mail address you gave us. Unless you have exclusive use of a computer, it is possible that someone else can access your e-mails. You can avoid this by subscribing to a messaging service online and creating your own account using a pseudonym. That way, you can read your messages in all confidentiality without having them stored on the computer's hard drive. No one else but you will have access to those e-mails.
You can open a free e-mail account at the following addresses: www.outlook.com or www.gmail.com

A form was created to ensure that all e-mails sent to Gambling: Help and Referral contain information required to adequately and quickly respond to requests of information and referral. Here it is:

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