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Three gambler profiles

games of chance are risky if you play for any reason other than to have fun. According to the experts at Centre Dollard-Cormier, there are three types of gamblers:

1. Recreational gamblers:

  • Gambling does not pose a problem to these gamblers.
  • They gamble only for fun.
  • Gambling is a social pastime for them.

2. “At risk” gamblers:

  • Gambling causes them problems.
  • They feel guilty about their gambling habits.
  • Gambling may get them into quarrels.
  • They sometimes feel depressed.
  • Gambling often takes a big bite out of their budget.
  • They have to pay back their losses.

3. Problem gamblers:

  • They have many serious problems related to their gambling addiction.
  • They are subject to depression.
  • They may have suicidal thoughts.
  • Their gambling obsession may lead to divorce.
  • They have debts, and sometimes live in poverty.
  • Their desperation may lead them to commit criminal acts.

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